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Total Business Support

Accounting, CFO and HR Services

We understand you may not have the financial resources or ability to find the right people to fulfill your back office.  This is where our talented support staff of CPAs, SPHR, CTOs, and SHRM-SCPs add tremendous value to your company at a fraction of the cost.  We offer services including Bookkeeping, Fractional CFO, Talent Optimization, Personnel Consulting, and Tax Services.

Accounting –   We are more than just scorekeepers.  We are your financial watchdogs alerting you when things don’t seem right.  Our services include:
• Accounts Receivable
• Accounts Payable
• Account Reconciliations
• Financial statement preparation

Fractional CFO – Historical data is similar to driving a car by looking in the mirror.  Sometimes the mirror is essential to see where you have been and how it went.  But, you need to look ahead to keep your businesses going forward.  This is where our fractional CFO services will add tremendous value to your company.  These services can include:
• Strategic profit planning and execution
• Cash flow projections and forecasting
• Business KPI analysis and reporting
• Budget vs. actuals variance analysis and insights
• Annual budgeting and forecasting
• Vendor contract review and negotiation
• Serve as a liaison with tax experts
• Bank financing agreements and financials
• Custom CFO engagements

Tax Services – We believe there should be no surprises at tax time.  Therefore, we discuss your situation several times a year and how it may impact your future tax requirements.  This planning alleviates the tax-time stress and helps you better prepare for any tax liabilities.  If you do not have an accountant, we can help you file your:
• Sales tax
• Corporate returns
• Personal returns

Full-service HR functions – Our team consists of experienced SPHRs and SHRM-SCPs who are experts in their human resource fields.  We help you feel confident that you will comply with all state and federal laws and help protect yourself from expensive business violations and lawsuits.

Employee Handbook – Protect yourself from expensive lawsuits.  We will help you clearly define what the employee can expect from you and your company.  Handbooks are a necessity in our litigious society.

Hiring, Managing, and Termination Support – People are the most challenging part of operating a company.  We utilize industry knowledge and scientific tools to help you hire the right person the first time.  Our extensive hiring, retaining, and coaching experience allow us to help you create a cohesive team that will stay and creates value for your company. Visit Talemization for more details on our complete talent optimization program

Financial Business Solutions

Our team assists our clients by correcting and solving their financial issues. Upon engaging with a client, we find the best path to ensure a company’s growth and profitability.

More importantly, our team will work collaboratively with all team members to guide them toward their short and long-term goals.

With a specific end goal in mind, we guide our clients down a strategic path until they reach their desired destination.